November 3, 2015


11th March 2016 – AirPointr Delivers Touchless Gesture Control for Raspberry Pi

The human hand becomes a natural, intuitive interface. Official camera modules can now be used to expand any Raspberry Pi project with touchless gestures.

AirPointr Raspberry

6th Januar 2016 – AirPointr @ CES

We showcased our VR and AR solutions at the CES Las Vegas.



18th November 2015 – AirPointr @ Unity

We had a demo table at the Unity offices in San Francisco. The Closed-Beta was officially announced.

Unity Meetup

30th Oktober 2015 – Demo with Renate Künast

Renate Künast (member of the German Bundestag) experiences Virtual Reality with AirPointr-supported touchless gestures.

Renate Künast


20th October 2015 – Pyramid View Summit

See AirPointr at Pyramid View Summit, where Dr. Jens Schick demonstrates natural interaction for industrial applications.



19th October 2015 – Bosch HMI Tech Day

See AirPointr at Bosch’s HMI Tech Day. We showcased our Smart Home, VR and AR products.



28th September 2015 – Selected for the German Accelerator Extension

We have been selected to extend our stay at the German Accelerator in Silicon Valley to launch our business in the US. We look forward to continuing our work with the GA.

German Accelerator Logo