November 29, 2015

Force of Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card–sized, single-board computer that was developed to promote the the teaching of computer science and the fundamentals of coding at schools and in developing countries. Despite its simplicity and low cost, the Raspberry Pi is an amazing piece of hardware that helps students learn how to interact with electronics.

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Here at AirPointr, we love the Pi and have focused our efforts on adding touchless input capabilities to all of your Raspberry Pi devices.

Please see our not-so-serious video below to find out how you can make use of your Force to control this lovely piece of technology. It is now up to you to restore freedom in your home…


Get it now!

AirPointr uses your Raspberry Pi’s camera module (IR or Color) to provide full-featured touchless input capabilities to your device. Download your free trial below and check out our documentation to find out more about easily integrating AirPointr with any project. Please note that the free trial provides all functionality but is limited to 30 minutes runtime.


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